California Recovery Divers - What We're About

Collectively, our team has recovered dozens of drowning victims, and dozens of vehicles from various waterways. Our decades of experience includes training others as well as hands-on work. Individually, we're go-to resources for various emergency services agencies in the State of California


California Recovery Divers is comprised of avid divers and watermen who are current or former members of law enforcement, military, or fire teams. Our decades of experience and training brings a uniquely qualified skill-set to problems of underwater location and recovery.

Our team is experienced in a wide range of technologies, including SCUBA, sonar (side scan, ROV, sector-scan), underwater communications, salvage, lift-bags, and more. We have training in evaluating underwater crime scenes as well as recovering important forensic items for law enforcement purposes. We're also highly trained in mission safety and risk assessment, and are equipped to evaluate most underwater recovery missons.

While we work as law enforcement divers in other contexts, we recognize that sometimes law enforcment diving has limits that frustrate families and individuals needing closure or recovery services. We're available in most circumstances to provide these services.

A few of the cases we've been involved in: Lacy Petersen, Ryann Bunnell Crow, vehicle recoveries from San Francisco Bay and surrounding waterways, equipment recovery searches at Lake Shasta, investigative diving for The Travel Channel, recovery of "Buster" for the MythBusters show.

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