Underwater Search & Recovery Execution

Executing A Search Plan

Once we've determined the best way to approach your situation, we'll bring best-of-breed resources to bear, whether it's large scale sonar searches, individual hand searches, or anything in between.

Searches are conducted at the highest levels of professionalism, with safety of our divers at the paramount.

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"We're a unique band of volunteers, with some odd skills and tools. We just want to help, really"

Plan your dive, and dive your plan

It's a phrase recreational divers like to use, and it's appropriate. With what we do, however, it's important to be flexible enough to adapt to the situation as it unfolds.

Our operation planning starts with an overall scene assessment: witness interviews, study of the surrounding environment, consultation with tide tables, etc. We may determine that an operation should begin with sonar runs, and then switch to hand-by-hand searches if required. We may have a pre-existing recovery target (e.g. a visible car), and a plan to recover it, and then need to change our plans based on underwater circumstances. Plan your dive, then adapt as needed - that's more like it, for us.

  • Use the right technology at the right time
  • Employ divers where it's safe and efficient
  • Engage outside experts when needed
  • Always, always operate safely
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